Air Conditioner

It is use to keep the environment conditions in our work place or room to our required humidification. This is very comfortable air conditioner, designed very perfectly with new technical factors.

Reduced Power Consumption

The power consumption is 1/8 – 1/10 that of the central air-conditioning System and home air-conditioner.

Environment Protective

Ours is a kind of Freon-free air-conditioner bringing no pollution to the atmosphere.

Clean Fresh Air

It sucks in a large quantity of the fresh air, plays as air ventilation role, and also filters the air through its wet filtering paper so as to reduce the suspended particles in the air and keep the air clean and fresh.

Use Range

It is applicable for the Hot, Dry, stuffy, dusty production workshop or work and recreational occasions with peculiar smell. For example kinds of factories of textiles, hotel, hospital, station exhibition room and schools etc.,

Mobile Air Conditioner
Model Power Efficency(KW) Wind-Force Usable Area
Comfort - A 380V / 50-60Hz 1.5 KW 18000 m3/h 100 - 150
Comfort - C 380V / 60Hz 1.1 KW 15000 m3/h 100 - 120
Comfort - CY 220V / 50-60Hz 1.1 KW 15000 m3/h 40 - 120
      8600 m3/h  
      6000 m3/h  
Products Features
  • Smooth Running

  • High Pressure & Cooling

  • Attractive Design

  • Low Cost

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Easy Maintenance
Working Principle | Installation Example in Plant
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